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ArvanCloud, an international cloud services provider, offers various effective solutions for its customers worldwide. As one of the fastest-growing cloud solutions providers in the market, with an exceptional team, cutting-edge technologies and equipment, ArvancCloud aims to become a leader in the cloud industry.
Since the beginning of its journey, ArvanCloud, has endeavored with its team of highly-skilled, experienced experts to provide unique services to meet the expectations of its ever-growing number of customers that range from high profile, international businesses to low budget, personal websites. Its network of PoP-sites includes numerous locations worldwide, from the Middle East to South America and Australia.
Equipped with a globally distributed network of more than 40 PoPs, ArvanCloud prides itself on innovative cloud solutions at the best price and highest quality. With ArvanCloud solutions, every customer can enjoy a fast, secure, reliable, and affordable cloud service.
ArvanCloud has always provided the broadest set of services possible, to make a significant difference in the cloud services industry. Currently, its portfolio includes numerous cloud products, such as Cloud CDN, Manage DNS, Cloud Security, Video Streaming, Live Streaming Platform, Cloud Object Storage, and Platform as a service.
Abr Arvan and Softqloud engaged in an international partnership in 2019 under German law, in which both parties undertook a contract to offer cloud computing services to the international market as ArvanCloud; the contract was terminated on September 30th, 2022 with a notice period of 3 months until 31.12.2022.
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