Reaching for the Clouds!
ArvanCloud empowers online businesses to be faster, more accessible, and more secure. With its integrated cloud solutions, the company helps businesses make their technological dreams come true without any infrastructure complexities.
Reaching for the Clouds!
Empowering People through Technology

ArvanCloud is driven by the mission of Empowering People through Technology. This means developing innovative cloud products for online businesses to serve their end-users, even in the most remote areas. We offer free infrastructure for startups, support open-source projects, and run educational programs for underprivileged youth. With ArvanCloud, we're breaking down barriers and building a future where technology uplifts everyone.


Customers from 38 Countries

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Our Journey
A Safer, Faster, and Inclusive Digital Landscape
2019- 2020
A Spark Ignites
ArvanCloud got off to a great start in the winter of 2015 when it won the top prize in the first Innovation Competition (Idea Ring). Winning this competition led to a significant investment, which boosted the company’s growth. With this capital and a lot of hard work, ArvanCloud entered the market of cloud technology in 2016. Their first products were innovative CDN and Cloud Security. Committed to shaping the future of cloud technology, ArvanCloud launched the annual event (Ride the Clouds). This platform served a dual purpose: showcasing latest cloud products and fostering a collaborative environment with experts of the digital ecosystem. The first event took place in February 2017.
  • check point First Round of Investment‌‌
  • check point Launch of Content Delivery Network
  • check point Hosting the event of Ride the Clouds
A Spark Ignites
Building the Cloud Ecosystem
The trust that our customers have placed in our products and services helped us accelerate our journey. We introduced new products and updated existing services with more stable and functional versions. Two years after our launch, the ArvanCloud team had grown to 63 members, and with the help of our technical experts, we added Video Hosting, Cloud Container, and Cloud Server services to our product portfolio.
  • check point Launch of Cloud Server
  • check point Launch of Video Hosting
  • check point Launch of Cloud Container
Building the Cloud Ecosystem
Going Beyond Borders
We believe that our services have the potential to benefit users worldwide. ArvanCloud has actively worked towards global expansion. We took significant steps towards integration and globalization by launching our new product, Object Storage. This secured a significant investment in 2018, and resulted in over 47,000 active customers using our services and many major businesses migrating to our cloud platform. We also launched the Radar system in the same year to provide real-time reports on the status of internet connections in Iran, promoting transparency and information accessibility.
  • check point Second Round of Investment
  • check point Launch of Object Storage
  • check point First International Customers
  • check point Launch of Radar System
Going Beyond Borders
Scaling up a World of Clouds
In 2021, ArvanCloud launched the Video Platform service by combining three products: Live Streaming, Audio Hosting, and Video Hosting. As part of these changes, security features and Cloud DNS services were integrated into the Content Delivery Network product. After six years, with the help of over 200 experts, we were able to provide cloud services to thousands of domestic and international websites and online businesses through five product categories and hundreds of features.
  • check point 150+ Product Features
  • check point 120,000+ Active Customers
  • check point 200+ ArvanCloud Employees
Scaling up a World of Clouds
On the Path to Sustainability
We are currently working with our experts to improve the quality and sustainability of our products and meet a wide range of online business infrastructure and cloud needs. In 2023, Cloud Shell and Cloud Database were successfully added to our product portfolio.
  • check point Launch of Cloud Shell
  • check point Launch of Cloud Database
  • check point ...
On the Path to Sustainability
Our Values
Building Culture, Building Trust

The core of ArvanCloud is built upon its values; a place that strives to do more than just producing innovative products. It also cultivates a culture and defines frameworks that extend beyond its business.