Knowledge Base


“To become a world leading, innovative, and high-tech cloud company”

ArvanCloud focuses its full force on developing cloud services to the point of becoming one of the leading cloud companies in the world.

Financial Mission

“Creating the next generation of integrated cloud infrastructure; creating a safer, faster and more accessible world for online businesses.”

ArvanCloud is based on a transparent and honest culture, and alongside its growth, ArvanCloud tries to help the world around it to be able to succeed in their personal development and fulfilling their wishes.

ArvanCloud Values

Humanity: Nothing would be more valuable than human in ArvanCloud. Neither money, nor power. And this human will not be sacrificed for any privileges!

A Unified Community: Unlike concepts such as “family”, “nation”, “tribe”, etc. In ArvanCloud we emphasize on the concept of a “community”; a group of travelers in a difficult and long journey to reach an ambitious and mutual goal.

Distribution of power and resisting elitism: in ArvanCloud our goal is to distribute the power in any cost, and any price. We tried to define our main structure in a way that individual and hierarchical decision making are avoided as much as possible, and instead, we value decision making by groups. We believe that all groups must be able to have the upper hand in decision making in their own field. There shouldn’t be any authoritarian power.

Creative Destruction : creativity and innovation, even in its most destructive form, must be the essence of our team in pace with the global development of technology and work culture. We will always create change and a new culture as a pioneer, compared to the traditional methods, even if it costs us our ideologies.

Our most important promises to each other

Transparency: ArvanCloud is made of unbreakable glasses that give us unlimited vision. Every ArvanCloud member is entitled to know about the details of anything at anytime and freely have access to the information inside the company.

Free Flow of Data: In ArvanCloud, we will try sharing any “knowledge-based”data with the help of tools, meetings and our groups.

No Bribing: We will not bribe anyone in order to reach our goals in any circumstances, even if it’s going to cost us missing big opportunities.

Protecting the Customers’ Privacy:s ArvanCloud tries to protect its users private and legal data, and will never use that data (mentioned in “Privacy Policy” section) in any commercial way. As far as the technology allows, we will store the data in a way that even we wouldn’t be able to access it.
We will only disclose user data to the law enforcement if a valid court order is issued within the laws of users information.

Product: We shouldn’t forget that the product or the quality of product is far important than making profit and more revenue. If ArvanCloud has to make a choice, between the profit and the quality it will definitely choose quality.