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ArvanCloud Supporting the Next Generation of Startups

Free Cloud Infrastructure for Newborn Startups

ArvanCloud and Empowering Newborn Startups

Empowerment has been one of ArvanCloud’s key values, which it has always strived for. Our most crucial action through this goal is to support newborn startups and businesses that are less than one year of age. To achieve this goal, we have provided our infrastructure to newborn startups for free so that they can focus on their product and market instead of the infrastructural costs.

Until now, this support was offered to startups that are a part of an accelerator or incubator, but we are now expanding the coverage of this support so that all newborn startups and businesses can benefit from ArvanCloud products for free during their first year of activity.

Benefiting up to €3000 from ArvanCloud infrastructure

Startups that are in their first year of activity can provide their business information on this page and utilize up to €3000 from all products in the ArvanCloud portfolio for free.

ArvanCloud keeps on its support for the second year of activity as well. These startups will profit from twice the amount they charge their account for up to €3000.
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ArvanCloud Products
Having signed up for this plan, you can enjoy using each ArvanCloud product you need and launch your services on the ArvanCloud cloud infrastructure.

ArvanCloud Infrastructure Serves Small Startups

As ArvanCloud pricing changed, most of our cloud products are now equipped with free packages. Even if a small business or startup is not eligible for this plan, you can use ArvanCloud products gratis.
Content Delivery Network Content Delivery Network
Basic Package
100GB Traffic
Unlimited Number of Requests
5 Page Rules
DDoS Protection
10 Firewall Rules
Video Platform Video Platform
Basic Package
10GB Storage Space
50GB Traffic
Secure Link
Secure Link
AES Compatible
Live Streaming Live Streaming
Basic Package
Streaming Daily Limit of 15 Minutes
Streaming Monthly Limit of 60 Minutes
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Number of Concurrent Visitors
480P Streaming Quality
Object Storage Object Storage
Basic Package
5GB Storage Space
20GB Traffic
S3 Protocol Compatible
How to Sign Up
To use this supporting plan, you need to follow these instructions:
- Create an account in ArvanCloud User Panel.
- Fill out the form below with your information and click on the submit button.
- Your account will be automatically charged after reviewing your information and acknowledging that your startup is in its first year of activity.
- You will be notified of the result of the review. You will also be notified if you are not eligible to receive this supporting package or lack the information required.
- Moreover, if it is acknowledged that your startup is in its second year of activity, we will inform you of the ArvanCloud discounts.
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