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Developing Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform

Terraform is an open-source tool to create and manage cloud infrastructure by coding. Today, the best practice for infrastructure implementation is IaC or design in form of a set of codes which by reducing the human intervention, allows accurate and fast deployment of infrastructure. Using this tool, the cloud resources you need are defined in the Terraform configuration file, and after Terraform generates an executable plan from it, you can use this plan to deploy and test the infrastructure.

Benefits of Using ArvanCloud Terraform Provider

ArvanCloud Terraform provider allows you to safely launch, manage and control your cloud products in a fraction of a second with a single configuration. Terraform allows you to define, deploy and configure complete and repeatable ArvanCloud products in form of a set of codes. Using this open source tool, you can design and configure your infrastructure once and use this configuration many times to implement products in different zones or Staging and Production environments.
Open Source
Integrated with ArvanCloud products
Reduce human error
Preview the changes before apply
Create repeatable infrastructure

ArvanCloud Terraform Provider Configuration

ArvanCloud Terraform provider is currently available for Cloud Server, CDN and Object Storage products. To use this tool, all you have to do is defining the resources you need according to the documentation of ArvanCloud in your Configuration File and introduce ArvanCloud as the Provider.