Find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about ArvanCloud and its products.
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Frequently asked questions about the Account FAQ
How can I change my natural entity account to a legal entity one?

You can do so by logging into your account on the ArvanCloud user panel and going to the Wallet section. Then, you can add your legal information to the account.

Is it possible for legal entity accounts to change their profile information?

No, it is not possible to change your profile information through the ArvanCloud user panel. In order to make changes to your profile information, you need to contact the ArvanCloud finance department.

How can I change my user information in the ArvanCloud user panel?

If your account belongs to a natural entity, you can simply go to your profile and change your user information.

Is it possible to use two-step authentication?

Yes. You can activate this feature in the security settings section of your profile. You can choose to activate it either through SMS or Email.

Is it possible to delete my account?

No. It is not possible to delete your account at the moment. This is in line with ArvanCloud Terms of Service.

Frequently asked questions about the Finance FAQ
How can I charge my account?

You can charge your account online or through signing a contract where the payment will be made to ArvanCloud account, according to your monthly invoice.

Are taxes included in ArvanCloud product pricing?

Yes. The invoice includes tax in addition to the service fee.

Does ArvanCloud provide confirmation letters for cleared payments?

Yes. ArvanCloud will provide you with a confirmation letter of your payment signed and stamped by the company. You can request this by sending a ticket to the finance department.

When would ArvanCloud provide an official invoice?

ArvanCloud can only provide an official invoice at the end of each month when the current invoice is closed and your usage is finalized. To request, you can send a ticket to the sales department between the 1st and the 15th each month. Please note that in order to receive an official invoice, you need to fill in the legal information of your account.

How can I receive my proforma invoice?

You need to send a ticket containing the details of your service to the finance team to receive your proforma invoice.

How does ArvanCloud inform me about the negative balance of the account?

Your user panel sends you an automatic reminder on three different occasions:
1. When you have used 80% of your wallet credit.
2. When your wallet credit has turned to zero.
3. When your wallet credit has a negative balance.
If your account remains in the negative balance after receiving these notifications, your service will be terminated according to the Terms of Service. We recommend that you prevent the termination by ensuring that your account balance remains positive.

How many days will it take for my service to be terminated in case I fail to make the payment for the service fee?

For information on service termination as a result of missing the payment, check out ArvanCloud Terms of Service.

What is the difference between the current invoice and the other kinds of invoices?

The current invoice shows you the expenses of the current month, which are yet to be finalized. At the end of each month and after finalizing the expenses, the current invoice is closed, which you can browse in the invoices section.

Is it possible to get an official invoice if the invoice has been closed for months?

No. Unless you request an official invoice before the end of each month, you cannot receive one. Similarly, it is not possible to request official invoices for previous months.

Is it possible to access archived invoices?

Yes. You can find them in your wallet in the invoices section.

Where can I see the details of the calculated expenses?

You can find them in the closed invoices, where the details of each product and service are included separately.

Frequently asked questions about the Customer Support FAQ
Is it possible to have free access to ArvanCloud customer support services?

Yes. All ArvanCloud users can have free access to ArvanCloud Customer Support services. It is worth noting that there are different levels of customer support aligned with the different support plans.

What are the ways to contact the technical support of ArvanCloud?

You can contact the technical support team through emails, tickets and phone calls.

Is the option of phone calls available to all users?

At the moment, all the customers who are using one of ArvanCloud paid plans (Growth, Professional, Enterprise) have access to the phone call option with the support team.

What is the minimum amount of time to use the support plans?

The minimum amount of time for the support plans is one week. Please note that when you choose a plan, you cannot downgrade it to another one in less than a week.

How can I activate customer support for the Growth plan?

The support package is automatically activated for the customers who already have an active Growth, Professional or Enterprise plan. Furthermore, you can activate the support package if you have charged your wallet with the minimum amount of 7.6 Euro in the last 30 days or if you have made a payment of such amount on one of your services.

How can I get a consultation from ArvanCloud on how to set up and adjust the services?

In order to get consultation on installing the infrastructure and receive help on setting up the services, you can use ArvanCloud Adoption services. For more information, visit the ArvanCloud Adoption page.

Frequently asked questions about the CDN FAQ
Is it possible to have access to the ArvanCloud CDN service for free?

Yes. The CDN service is entirely free to use in the basic plan. In this package, free and unlimited requests are provided along with the allocated 100 GB specific to international traffic. In addition, you can utilize 10 firewalls as well as 5 page rules. The basic plan gives customers access to numerous free features of the Content Delivery Network.

How is the price of CDN service calculated? Is it per account or per domain?

The price is based on each domain. You need to activate one of the CDN plans for each of the domains that use the ArvanCloud CDN service.

Does ArvanCloud provide a free SSL certificate?

Yes. The SSL certificate is provided for free in the CDN service. For more information, visit ArvanCloud Free SSL/TLS Certificate page.

How can I switch the CDN plan to a lower one?

In order to use the lower tier plans, first, the features of the higher plan must be deactivated. In addition, your account’s current plan must have been activated for at least a week before you can make the change.

What kinds of DDoS attacks can ArvanCloud prevent?

ArvanCloud DDoS Protection can prevent layer 3, 4 and 7 DDoS attacks completely.

Is activating the CDN enough to be protected against DDoS attacks?

ArvanCloud CDN service prevents layer 3 and 4 DDoS attacks by default. However, if you want to activate the protection against layer 7 attacks, you need to activate the Professional or Enterprise plan and upgrade the level of protection in the DDoS Protection section.

Frequently asked questions about the Cloud Server FAQ
How long does it take until my dedicated server is delivered?

The cloud servers of ArvanCloud can be delivered in just a few minutes and can be used instantaneously.

Is it possible to increase or decrease cloud server resources?

You can increase resources whenever you need them. Please note that it is only possible to decrease the resources for RAM and CPU but not for the disc.

How many instances can you build in each account?

The limit for the number of instances in each account is 20 instances for each data center. If you need more instances, you need to contact the support team.

What should I do if I need more resources than I have in my account?

You can send a ticket to the support team with a list of needed resources. The support team will consult with the infrastructure unit and will get back to you.

How much credit is needed to create an instance?

The initial credit needed to use the cloud server and create an instance needs to match the amount of usage of all instances for the following 5 days. This amount is prepayment and your amount of usage determines the amount.

Can I host more than one website with only one instance?

Yes. If the resources you have selected for the instance match your need, you can host different websites with only one instance.

What is the difference between image and snapshot in a cloud server?

Image is a version of your operating system which can be uploaded. Through image, you can install an operating system on your instance. However, a snapshot is a copy of the current operating system, all the data and working software on the instance.

How many IPs are allocated to each instance?

One IP is allocated to each instance. If you want to request more, you need to send a ticket to the support team.

Can I buy the servers daily or hourly?

Yes. Users can choose to use their servers hourly, daily or monthly once they have created their server.

What is the difference between cloud server, hosting and VPS?

Hosting is a shared service where one server is provided with a control panel to use for multiple websites. VPS is a virtual and independent server where the user needs to write in a request for the provider company to consider. This process is not automatic. A cloud server is similar to VPS, with the difference being that you can do all the steps yourself, including creating one, installing the operating system, adding a firewall, private network, floating IP and increasing and decreasing of resources in the control panel. You don’t need to place a request for any of the mentioned steps. Furthermore, the cloud server does not require additional costs for configurations and settings.

Does ArvanCloud provide hosting services?

ArvanCloud does not provide direct hosting services, but you can install your hosting service (shared hosting) on the cloud server.

Is it possible to make a cloud server backup?

You can use different tools to backup the data on your instance and save it on ArvanCloud cloud server or any storage space of your choice. Please note that according to the Terms of Service, the responsibility lies with the customer.

Will I be charged if I turn off my instance?

If your instance is turned off, you will not be charged for system resources; therefore, you will not be charged for CPU and RAM. However, as long as the instance is not terminated, you will have to pay for storage according to the basic plan.

Frequently asked questions about the Video Platform FAQ
What are the specifications of the free tier for ArvanCloud Video Platform services?

ArvanCloud basic plan allows for 10 GB of storage and 50GB of traffic.

Can the streamed videos using ArvanCloud infrastructure be downloaded?

We use protocols which make it difficult for users to download videos.

Is it possible to limit access to the videos?

Yes. In order to do so, you can use the Secure Link feature.

Are there any limits to the number of channels created on the ArvanCloud Video Platform?

No, there is no limit on the number of channels each account can create.

How does ArvanCloud provide security for video content?

You can make your video content secure using the Secure Link feature. Furthermore, AES Encryption is provided for all videos by default.

Can I allow users to download the videos uploaded to the ArvanCloud Video Platform?

Yes. You can provide the users with the download link, but please remember that they need to see the link on your website; otherwise, they cannot download the videos.

Is it possible to create a conference and Q&A in the live streaming service?

The live streaming service is a one-way service and it is appropriate for a large audience who want to watch a video. Our business partners provide a number of services based on this platform where they provide more features for the live streaming service. For more information, you can visit the Live Streaming Platform page on the ArvanCloud website.

How many concurrent users can watch a live stream using ArvanCloud Live Stream service?

Since the live streaming service uses CDN infrastructure, the viewers of a live stream connect to AvanCloud edge servers. In prior cases, the number of viewers had surpassed 1.5 million.

Is it possible to use an advertising service on ArvanCloud Live Streaming Platform?

No, this feature is not available at the moment.

Frequently asked questions about the Object Storage FAQ
How much free usage is allowed on the ArvanCloud Object Storage service?

It is entirely free to use the Object Storage in the basic plan where 5 GB is provided for storage and 20 GB of traffic can be used.

Is it possible to use my own domain name to store files in object storage service?

Yes. You can use the ArvanCloud CDN service to link a specific domain to Object Storage using a CNAME record. This configuration allows you to use your domain name when saving files.

Are there any limits on the number of buckets or the number of files in each bucket?

There is a limit of 50 buckets for each account. Each bucket has a limit of 3,700,000 files. Both of these limits can be increased by sending a ticket to the support team.

Is ArvanCloud Object Storage an S3 Standard supported storage?

Yes. ArvanCloud Object Storage is compatible with the S3 Standard completely.

Is there a software to use ArvanCloud Object Storage?

Yes. Besides API, you can use any S3 Compatible software to use the Object Storage of ArvanCloud.

Frequently asked questions about the Container Service FAQ
How can I use my Image in ArvanCloud Container Service?

You can use an Image existing in a public registry such as Docker Hub or Quay or one that exists in a private registry in order to use it in the Container service.

Is it possible to deploy the Images of a private registry to a Container Service?

Yes. You can provide the address to your private registry along with the information required for authentication in order to deploy the Images of your private registry to the container.

Does ArvanCloud Container service support the Kubernetes manifests?

Yes. With the help of the ArvanCloud Container service, you can use the created manifests to deploy your application.

Does ArvanCloud Container service have its exclusive CLI?

Yes. You can visit the ArvanCloud Command Line page to utilize ArvanCloud Container Service CLI.

Is it possible to directly deploy an application on the Container using a Git project?

Yes. You can provide the Git URL to deploy your application directly to the ArvanCloud Container.

Is it possible to use a personal domain on ArvanCloud Container?

Yes. If you are using the ArvanCloud CDN service, you can use the Container with your own personal domain.

Frequently asked questions about the Marketplace FAQ
Is it possible to use the Marketplace for free?

Yes. A large number of apps on the Marketplace are free, which you can install on your service. Please note that charges still apply to the service on which the apps are installed.

Which of the services can run the apps in the Marketplace?

The CDN Apps can be installed on the CDN service and the IaaS Images can be used on the Cloud Server service.

Is it possible to use the CDN Apps without using the CDN service?

No. the prerequisite to using the CDN Apps is activating the cloud icon of the intended domain.

How can I install an IaaS Image?

When installing the instance in the Cloud Server, set the Marketplace as the source of installation.

How can I add my own product to ArvanCloud Marketplace?

Visit the ArvanCloud Marketplace page. Then, you can fill the supplier application form to add your product to the Marketplace.