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At ArvanCloud, we believe in the importance of transparency and promote such a culture. For this purpose, we present transparency reports to disclose the requests, orders, and complaints received from governmental and law enforcement entities and influential internet organizations.

It is ArvanCloud’s privacy policy to protect customers’ private data. This information is never sold or given away. ArvanCloud analyzes all received requests and rejects any that prove illegitimate or lack legal basis. In case of a subpoena or other legal processes, we make sure to inform our customers of the legal request to stop their service, suspend their account or disclose their information before the disclosure unless the judicial decision states confidentiality. (This has never been common for these legal processes) No law enforcement software or any kind of spyware is installed on the ArvanCloud network to store our customers’ data. We never disclose encryption and authentication keys to anyone or any organization. We encourage customers to encrypt their data and use encrypted communication.


Abuse: Requests made by governmental entities, security agencies, regulators, or individual reports (natural or legal entities) because of a user’s Abuse of the service (DDoS attacks, phishing, spamming, child pornography, etc.).
Ownership Rights: Requests made by natural or legal entities and official authorities based on the user’s violation of intellectual and business property ownerships or copyrights (publishing a movie or software without a license).
Judicial Oversight: Judicial statements or decisions from law enforcement for legal inquisition purposes in case of a criminal act ( phishing, scams, etc.).
Rejecting the Requests: ArvanCloud rejected the cases which were illegal and illegitimate requests.

The Quarterly Table of Received Requests

Abuse Ownership Rights Judicial Oversight Request Rejection
Summer of 2022 1383 86 44 25
Spring of 2022 1229 78 52 47
Winter of 2021 1697 45 63 125
Fall of 2021 1424 38 102 180
Summer of 2021 495 81 11 171
Spring of 2021 368 88 18 330
Winter of 2020 269 14 15 209
The Ratio of Request Types
The received requests are classified into three types some of which are rejected for illegitimacy or illegal nature. The pie chart shows the ratio of the request types.
The Number of Requests in Every Quarter
The bar chart shows the trend of all quarterly requests from different entities.