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Our Approach to Pricing Products
ArvanCloud has always strived to provide products that are economical being fairly and transparently priced so that small businesses and startups can continue to grow without concerns over their required infrastructure.

Until recently, the prices of our products were calculated through Pay As You Go, however, we have designed Basic, Growth, Professional and Enterprise plans for a number of products allowing the prices to be even more cost-effective for our customers. In spite of the new calculating system, the previous Pay As You Go calculation is still available.
Diverse and Economic Plans
Four ArvanCloud products, namely CDN, Video Platform Service, Object Storage and Support, are offered in one of our designed plans, including Basic, Growth, Professional and Enterprise, so that users can choose the best plan that fits their needs.

These economic plans are based on monthly subscriptions providing businesses with access to various up-to-date cloud products of CDN, Video Hosting Services, Object Storage and Support plans. Furthermore, other ArvanCloud products, including Live Streaming service, Cloud Server and Container Service are calculated as before with the previous pricing.
Basic Plan
Whether you are a new business owner or you need ArvanCloud infrastructure for limited personal use, you can have free access to Content Delivery Network and Cloud Security, Object Storage, Video Hosting Service and Support in the Basic plan.
Growth Plan
If you have recently started your startup service and you are looking to improve your service quality with better infrastructure and facilities, the Growth plan will be a good fit for you. In this plan, you can access various services with the most economical price.
Professional Plan
This plan is the best option for businesses that have significant content for distribution, publishing and storage, and provide important services to their customers. Complete access to various ArvanCloud products are provided in this plan.
Enterprise Plan
Enterprises, startups and businesses who provide essential services to their customers can sign a contract and purchase the Enterprise plan in order to have complete and unlimited access to all of the ArvanCloud products, including CDN, Video Platform Service, Object Storage and Support plan.
Important Information in Pricing the Plans
Additional Usage
Pay As You Go Calculation
Terms of Use for Plans
Add-on Calculation
Additional Usage
The amount of usage exceeding the predetermined amount in any of the plans is considered additional usage. We have designed our plans so as to cover all users’ needs, however, should you need more resources than your plan provides, you can use additional resources according to the table of additional usage for each product.
Pay As You Go Calculation
Customers who wish to continue using Pay As You Go for CDN, Object Storage and Video Platform Services can remain on the free plan. Accordingly, their additional usage will be calculated through Pay As You Go. Customers who use Live Streaming Service, Cloud Server and Container can continue to only pay for the amount of their usage.
Terms of Use for Plans
You can immediately activate or upgrade the Growth or Professional plans when you have enough credit for 7 days in your wallet. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to downgrade to another plan in less than a week.
Add-on Calculation
In case you require a feature that is not provided in your current plan, you can add it to your package by paying just for that specific feature. Currently, this payment method is only available for the Image Optimization and Rate Limiting features of the CDN product, in the Basic and Growth plans.
Product pricing
It is mandatory to have enough credit for 7 days in your wallet before activating one of the Growth or Professional plans for the following four products: CDN, Video Hosting Service, Object Storage and Support plan. You can choose to stay on the Basic plan and pay for your additional usage through Pay As You Go calculations.

Users who wish to purchase Container Service, Cloud Server and Live Streaming Service products can utilize the calculator in order to reach an estimated amount of their usage and transfer enough funds in their wallet. ArvanCloud’s financial system will calculate your usage every hour and will deduct the calculated amount from your wallet.
Pricing Calculator
Transparency in Pricing
At ArvanCloud we advocate transparency, thus, we provide detailed descriptions of all that is related to our products, including explanations on charging criteria for each service. We hope that users can find the information clarifying and feel confident in their choice of ArvanCloud products. For this purpose, we have prepared separate pages for each product and Cloud Services to provide a detailed elaboration on the pricing for each one.

In addition, ArvanCloud calculates various parameters of all services in every hour and reflects the results in the proforma invoice in your user panel. At the end of each month, the proforma invoice is finalized. You can access all the previous and current invoices and transactions in the invoice page of your user panel.
Find the answers to your important questions about ArvanCloud charging criteria.
Do all the products offer free access?
Only products that have a designed Basic plan can offer free usage. As of now, there are four products allowing free usage, including CDN, Object Storage, Video Hosting Service and Support plan.
Is it possible to pay through Pay As You Go for all products?
Yes. The three products of Live Streaming Service, Container Service and Cloud Server continue to be calculated through Pay As You Go as previously. You can activate the Basic plan and pay through Pay As You Go for other resources according to the additional usages table.
Can I downgrade my service at any time?
No. You cannot downgrade a service in less than 7 days. Your downgrade request will be affected after 7 days.
Where can I see my resource usage details?
The pricing page of each product provides a comprehensive explanation for the details and facilities provided in each service. Charging criteria for products including Live Streaming Service, Container Service and Cloud Server are also provided separately. You can see the details of your usage in the invoice section of your user panel.
Is it possible to activate a single plan for multiple months for any of ArvanCloud Products?
As of now, you can only activate your plan of choice monthly, however, we are planning to add the option of activating a plan for multiple months to the user panel in the near future.
What is the required minimum wallet balance to activate the plans?
If your wallet balance does not have enough credits for your usage amount for the following 7 days, you cannot activate any of the provided plans.
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