Knowledge Base

ArvanCloud Live Streaming Platform pricing does not have a base price and is completely calculated linearly. The pricing criteria are as follows:

Enable Stream View Count in Every Hour

Enabled Stream

Every hour, the stream is checked to see whether it is enabled or not. If your stream is enabled in this hour, €0.6 will be calculated for every hour. Please note that pull stream’s price calculated from its moment of creation, so it must be removed when streaming ends.

Enabled Stream in One Hour
Enabled Stream Price
Per Hour €0.6

Viewer Count in Every Hour

Prices for viewer and listener count of each stream is calculated hourly as follows:

For Every User in One Hour
Viewer/ Listener Price for Each User
Up to 50 Users €0.02
Between 50 and 500 users €0.016
Between 500 and 5000 users €0.012
Between 5000 and 50,0000 users €0.008
Between 50,000 and 500,000 users €0.006

Custom Domain

Activating ArvanCloud’s Custom Domain feature streams your live on your preferred domain. .
Contact ArvanCloud’s sales team to activate this feature.

Pay AS You Go

Details of pricings of each product are presented here. You can also go to our Calculator to estimate your expenses.