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Securing Businesses with DDoS Protection

With the cutting-edge technology of cloud security, ArvanCloud shields your website and online content against cyber-attacks of all kinds including DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) without the need for any specific hardware!
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A World-class Protection Plan

ArvanCloud CDN is spread all over the most popular locations in 30 countries. With an effective presence, this extensive network protects your website content in case of a sudden traffic surge and DDoS attacks. The process of DDoS Mitigation- with a capacity of 2 TBps- is there to defend you against the most destructive cyber-attacks.
This functional feature helps you do away with attacks on DNS, layers 3 and 4 attacks (such as ICMP Flood, UDP Flood, and SYN Flood), or layer 7 attacks (such as HTTP Flood). You can easily retain ongoing access and stability in your website and service.
ArvanCloud’s DDoS protection capacity
The most destructive attacks in the last 5 years
Traffic load to make your website completely unavailable
Gbps 2000 1500 1000 500 100 10

DDoS Protection Levels

ArvanCloud’s feature of DDoS Protection is designed in 3 different levels, and it can effectively secure your website and DNS, without any impact on your users’ regular traffic.
DDoS Protection on DNS
DDoS Protection on Layer 3/4
DDoS Protection on Layer 7
DDoS Protection on DNS
DNS infrastructures are normally the targets of cyber threats. In fact, DNS is a vital part of online services, and any form of disruption in its functioning can end up in serious damage to a business. With its extensive infrastructure, ArvanCloud protects your DNS Nameservers against destructive traffic and largely increases the accessibility of your website.
DDoS Protection on Layer 3/4
Attacks on network layers are among the most common DDoS attempts. For example, TCP Flood on layer 3/4 can easily put your service at risk. However, with the help of Anycast and GSLB advanced structures, ArvanCloud CDN automatically repels all the attacks on these layers. By activating CDN, edge servers will apply several methods to refuse manipulated packets from the same source, and that will protect your online content from DDoS.
DDoS Protection on Layer 7
The application layer can be the target of many complex DDoS attacks. But, ArvanCloud helps you safely shield your system against these attacks on 3 different levels. All you need to do is use Cookie, JS, or Captcha challenges to identify your users. You can choose the method based on the type and scope of the attack as well as defining the TTL of the challenge. That way, your user will not need to be verified repeatedly till the end of that period.

DDoS Protection Advantages

Activate ArvanCloud DDoS Protection, shield your services against all types of DDoS attacks and continue developing your product with peace of mind. Protection
Free Protection
100% reliable free protection against attacks on DNS and layer 3/4 Support
Technical Support
24/7 technical support for DDoS attack protection on the spot Rules
Customized Rules
The ability to allow or block access from different IPs to domain routes with CDN
Integrated with CDN
Integration with CDN security features including firewall and rate-limit Mitigation
Instant Mitigation
Immediate activation as soon as a DDoS threat or attack shows up Reports
Analytic Reports
Real-time reports on the traffic and user behavior to detect attacks
Find the answers to commonly asked questions about DDoS Protection
What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) refers to a set of attacks in which hackers intend to disable your online services by sending a large load of requests. As a result, your users’ connection with your service will be completely disrupted.

What are the types of DDoS attacks?

There are 3 types of DDoS attacks.
1. Volumetric attacks are the most common, and they can disable your website by sending a high volume of traffic that exceeds your bandwidth.
2. Protocol attacks damage online services by targeting the vulnerable points in network layer 3/4.
3. Application layer attacks are the most complex and aim at the application or network layer 7.

How can I prevent DDoS attacks from happening?

Knowing how to prevent DDoS attacks can result in better functioning of your website. Some of the solutions that you can apply to stop DDoS attacks from happening are: Monitoring the traffic and user behavior, improving the infrastructure and server bandwidth, and migrating to a cloud infrastructure. Also, ArvanCloud’s DDoS Mitigation feature will secure your website and services without the need for specific hardware or high costs.

Which ArvanCloud challenge offers the best DDoS Mitigation?

Depending on the type and volume of attacks, you can choose one of the methods of Cookie, JS, or Captcha. You will always have the option to increase the level of the challenge when an attack starts or gets aggravated. There’s also 24/7 technical support to help you choose the most effective method of protection.

How is the cost of DDoS Protection service calculated?

By default, you can get free protection on DNS and layer 3/4 of the network in DNS and CDN services of ArvanCloud. Also, all of our packages include free challenges of Cookie and JS. For more information, check our CDN pricing details.

DDoS Attack Protection
Use ArvanCloud DDoS Protection for free, and shield your website against destructive cyber-attacks.