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What is Weighted Load Balancing of Origin Servers?

Weighted Load Balancing of Origin Servers helps to define the percentage of traffic sent to each website origin server, prioritized using a weighted method.

ArvanCloud and Load Balancing

In ArvanCloud CDN service, our servers are situated between your website’s origin hosting server and service/ website user. The users’ requests are received through ArvanCloud edge servers. Now, in case you have multiple origin servers for your website, our edge servers will distribute the traffic between these servers to increase Redundancy and Reliability.

Understanding Load Balancing and Its Role

Load balancing is the traffic between multiple servers sharing the same resources and information. In this way, requests to access such resources are responded to by many servers instead of one.

In this case, rather than having one server, which is a single point of failure, different servers are active so that when one is out of service, the traffic is distributed onto others. In addition, employing multiple servers improves processing speed and makes it possible to benefit from all of the servers’ capacities fully.


Load balancing can be carried out through software or hardware. It can also happen through types of traffic such as HTTPS, HTTP, and UDP.

For this purpose, the easiest method is Round Robin, in which all servers containing the same resources and information are placed in an index and receive requests in order. When the last server on the list gets requests, the upcoming requests are then sent to the first one on the list. Although the method is quite simple, it has three significant problems:

All servers might not have the same processing capacity All servers might not have the same storage space One server might not be available when a request is sent to it

The solution to these issues is the Weighted Round Robin method. In the ArvanCloud user panel, you manually choose the weights assigned to your servers according to their resources and processing power. Therefore, ArvanCloud edge servers distribute traffic between the origin servers according to the given weight. In case one server goes down, the weighted load is divided among the remaining ones.

The information on “Configuring CDN Load Balancing in ArvanCloud User Panel” can be further help to you.