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Accurate Request Analysis through Log Forwarding Feature
Whether you use ArvanCloud CDN or Cloud Security service, our edge servers are responsible for responding to a large number of your website’s user requests. These requests are collected through the ArvanCloud Log Forwarding feature and compiled in a report to be accessible to website owners. The resulting information can help you make better business decisions or allow you to analyze destructive behaviors or actions.

Using our Log Forwarding feature, you can access information on website access requests or analyzed responses through WAF.
What is the ArvanCloud Log Forwarding Feature?
This feature allows for WAF and Access logs to be available in Near Real-Time. We use the standard RFC 3164 protocol to forward logs. This transfer happens between ArvanCloud servers and your log server. TCP and UDP are possible to choose and you can choose either depending on your need for security or higher speed.
Collecting and Integrating
In this process, the logs related to the requests and responses of your website are collected and integrated from ArvanCloud edge servers throughout the world.
Converting to JSON Format
Usually, these binary logs, called Cap'n Proto, make it easier to store and transfer logs. To forward the logs to users, files are first converted to JSON. This way, users have an easier time surveying them.
Forwarding the Log to the User
The JSON files are forwarded to your log server under SysLog protocol. ArvanCloud log forwarding feature supports TLS encryption to increase security.
Benefits of ArvanCloud Log Forwarding
Using WAF to receive logs about website access or responded log requests can provide useful information about users, website performance, CDN and WAF configurations and received attacks on your website. While such analysis is essential in the technical aspect, the information can also help improve sales, marketing, research and development of the website.
Analyzing Access Requests from Users
Studying the Examined Requests by WAF
Log Encryption through TLS for Improved Security
Forwarding Logs under TCP and UDP Protocols