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A Faster and More Stable Connection through Smart Routing
Every website needs high-quality accessibility and quick loading of content to improve SEO and user experience. ArvanCloud Smart Routing ability uses more than 40 CDN PoPs across the world so that even in times of overloaded networks, your content is accessed as quickly as possible.

This feature finds the best route to distribute content through PoPs and so your website is always loaded in the fastest time possible.
What is Smart Routing?
Smart Routing is one of the features of the ArvanCloud CDN service. It chooses the shortest and fastest possible route to send user requests to CDN edge servers and deliver the requested content.
User Request
Initially, the user sends a request to access content on the origin server of a website. The response may be provided by the origin server itself or the CDN edge servers.
Examining Links’ Status
ArvanCloud’s extensive and integrated network recognizes the best route for each request while considering the status of the links. This is carried out through our complex and advanced algorithms in the ArvanCloud Smart Routing feature.
Choosing the Best Route
Short distance and high speed are the determining factors in choosing the best route. The request is then carried through the route that is not disrupted or overloaded with traffic.
Benefits of ArvanCloud Smart Routing
Our Smart Routing feature makes sure that your website content is accessible to users at all times, especially during the traffic peaks or disruptions happening at operator levels. In this way, we always keep a desirable level of quality. Furthermore, your website will not encounter problems such as slow loading or being down as a result of network problems.
Improving the Quality of User Accessibility
Preventing Slowing Down During Network Problems
Keeping Uptime and Accessibility
Improving SEO and User Experience
Avoid disruptions through ArvanCloud Smart Routing Feature.
Consult with Our Experts
To activate the Smart Routing Feature, contact ArvanCloud Sales Experts.