Experience Security!

Experience Security!

ArvanCloud Security Solution keeps you safe against various cyber attacks.
Arvan cloud security solutions

Comprehensive Security Solution and Protection Against Cyber Attacks

ArvanCloud utilizes and frequently updates cloud security measurements to keep your online content safe from possible threats and attacks such as hacking attempts or DDoS attacks.

ArvanCloud Security Service covers various security areas, including recognition and prevention of DDoS attacks, web Firewall, and Rate Limit features.

10 100 500 1000 1500 2000 Gbps
ArvanCloud’s Capacity for DDoS Protection
The most destructive attacks on the websites in the MENA region in the past five years
Enough Bandwidth to have Your Website Out of Service

Most Common DDoS Attacks

DNS Flood

A large number of legitimate DNS requests are sent to target your DNS server resources. Server resources cannot respond to requests from ordinary users.

UDP Amplification

It is one of the most dangerous attacks where it uses the victim’s IP to distribute fake packets to other servers and computers. Then, all that received the packets send their responses to the victim’s address. Since the victim’s system processes the received information, the Bandwidth and other resources are wasted away.

HTTP Flood

The most complicated of all is the layer 7 DDoS attacks. More than 100,000 corrupted systems send high volumes of legitimate fake requests to cause server resource depletion so that it goes out of service. The system can include home computers, different servers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, CCTVs, and incorrectly configured internet routers.

ArvanCloud employs the progressive anycast and GSLB structures to prevent DNS attacks of TCP, UDP, and ICMP in 3 and 4 layers and the advanced layer 7 attacks.


ArvanCloud firewall allows you to define security rules and employ restrictions for your content for the highest level of security.
Prioritizing Defined Rules
Restricting based on Country and City
Restricting based on URL
Restricting based on IP


ArvanCloud Web Application Firewall is in charge of recognizing and preventing different advanced attacks. The protection against the most common attacks is carried out without requiring technical knowledge or complex configurations.

arvan security waf status map
ArvanCloud domains have been secured in the last 24 hours.
20 %
of the critical domains are attacked in one month.
Analyzing and monitoring requests before activating the WAF
Configuring Sensitivity Rate
Managing rules or changing general system sensitivity
Protection Against SQL Injection Attacks
Effectively preventing SQL Injection Attacks and getting around WAF
Prevention against Common Attacks
Preventing common LFI, RFI, etc. attacks
Prevention Against XSS Attacks
Preventing script code (XSS) injections
Preventing Attacks from Malicious Bots
Preventing scanners, malicious bots, and web crawlers
Preventing Non-standard HTTP Requests
Blocking requests that are not standard

The Least Delay for Users and the Fastest Update

Less than 300 milliseconds
Time for updating the WAF rules worldwide
Less than 1 milliseconds
Delay in viewing websites
arvan cloud security restriction feature

Applying Access Limit

Through ArvanCloud, you can apply any limits, integrated or not, to your users. You can also consider this limit for a certain specified group.

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Rate Limit

Analytical Reports of Attacks

Reports Based on Attackers’ IPs
Details of Different Attacks
Reports on Type of Vulnerability
Reports Based on Geolocation of Attackers
Reports Based on Vulnerable URLs