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A Safe and Accessible Storage for Your Data

ArvanCloud Object Storage allows you to store your files, website content, images and service media, all in an unlimited stable space. And of course, you can easily share it with others.
A Safe and Accessible Storage for Your Data
Stability and Accessibility
Stability and Accessibility
With 99.99% accessibility and 99.999999% stability, this service keeps your data in a secure and reachable space.
Rapid Storage Disks
Rapid Storage Disks
Hosting data on SSD, NVMe SSD and HDD rapid disks allows you to store and restore your data with low latency.
Instant Scalability
Instant Scalability
With unlimited storage space, it helps you keep increasing your business data storage resources at any time.
CDN and DNS Integrated
CDN and DNS Integrated
ArvanCloud is perfectly integrated with CDN and cloud DNS and gives your service data great accessibility and speed.
Life Cycle Management and Versioning
Versioning It allows you to store several versions of the same object in a bucket. From the archive status, these versions can be read, reread and even removed. This feature reduces the risk of data loss caused by human error.
Life Cycle Management Life Cycle Management allows you to define rules to remove objects on a regular basis and have your object storage service automatically and intelligently managed.
Easy Migration You will be amazed how easy it is to migrate from any local or cloud storage to ArvanCloud Object storage. Only the permissions and the URL need changing. Once you change the settings, you can simply use the data.
Data Security
You can store data or files of any type safely encrypted in ArvanCloud Object Storage. That will let you have uninterrupted access to a highly secured and scalable storage system from any location in the world.
Redundancy This feature allows the object storage to be used for data analysis, backup, or archiving as well as for advanced programs that need flexibility.
Data Encryption As a user of ArvanCloud Object Storage, you can encrypt data on either client-side or server-side mode and have highly secured data.
High Accessibility
Our cost-effective Object Storage works best for businesses requiring instant management and resource development. It lets you store files in an unlimited space and access them through the web or API.
Bucket Acceleration The feature of acceleration helps you gain access to your bucket CDN settings. These settings can be customized and optimized based on your needs and users' behavior.
Instant Scalability We provide you with all the resources and the traffic you need so that you have no infrastructure concerns and can freely focus on your business.
Multi-region ArvanCloud allows you to store your data on other data centers as well. So in case of an issue, you can still access your data from other regions.
Cost-cutting with Reasonable Pricing
We offer a competitive price list for you to enjoy unlimited infrastructure at a low cost. Our Basic plan offers 5 GB of free object storage and 20 GB of free traffic!
Use Cases
How This Object Storage Helps
Practical Tools
Data Management Applications
ArvanCloud Object Storage supports various easy-to-use desktop applications and allows you to easily manage your data.
CyberDuck is a free open-source tool for Mac and Windows. It provides a graphical interface, making it easy to manage Object Storage files.
S3Browser is a functional tool for using the object storage service. With this Windows tool, you can handle files in cloud space without effort.
Rclone is a tool for Linux terminals that helps you transfer data from one bucket to another. This will be doable for you even on various servers.
S3fs is a useful file interface supporting FUSE for S3 that gives the ability to install and use S3 storage and buckets on Linux or macOS.
Crossftp is a client compatible with multiple platforms including S3 storage. With a graphical user interface, it helps users manage files easily.
Veeam Backup
Veeam backup supports Object Storage and helps you use ArvanCloud Object Storage Server as a backup repository.
Useful Links
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Enjoy Limitless and Secure Data Storage
It’s time to store your unstructured data and bulk files in the unlimited and safe space of ArvanCloud Object Storage. Our various and advanced features will make your data accessible from any location in the world.