DBaaS, a Safe Space for Your Data

With ArvanCloud DBaaS, you can optimize the performance of your services while spending less time worrying about database setup, backup, or updates.
DBaaS, a Safe Space for Your Data
Horizontal and vertical scaling let you instantly expand your database capacity and add Read-Only nodes to improve service responsiveness.
With the packaging and PAYG policy, you can minimize setup and maintenance costs as you will only be charged based on your usage.
Fast Implementation
Fast Implementation
Launch a fully operational cluster or Managed Database within minutes, freeing up time and energy for software development.
Fully Managed
Fully Managed
With ArvanCloud DBaas, You won’t have to deal with setup, maintenance, or security of your database as it will be fully managed and ready to use.
Use Cases
By Architecture and Technology
ArvanCloud MySQL Database streamlines the process of creating and managing data within different types of applications and services you use.
If you have applications structured around microservices, you can quickly and easily connect them to a MySQL Managed Database. This happens through the connection of pods that are available on PaaS (Platform as a Service).
MySQL Managed Databases simplify the process of setting up, connecting, and managing databases for containerized apps. This solution is a part of the Microservice architecture that supports independent storage and decentralized data management and allows each service to grow on its own.
Supporting OLTP Software
The Managed Database is capable of supporting ACID principles and can store XML and JSON data for Online Transactional Processing apps such as Accounting, ERP, and CRM software. Besides, MySQL can be used alongside other varieties of databases.
Supporting LAMP Stack
If you plan to develop a custom website, you can use the Lamp stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl) which is popular with many users. ArvanCloud DBaaS is fully compatible with powerful websites that are based on LAMP.
By Industry
MySQL is among the most popular relational and open-source databases in the world. This database supports all the features and is applicable to various industries.
If you have an online store service or application, most probably it is your concern to maintain and store data such as users’ information, products’ inventory, and transactions. So, you can use this Cloud Database to ensure the safe and secure storage of all the data in your business and website.
MySQL is in fact the most widely used transactional database for online store services. For that reason, ArvanCloud MySQL provides the best database hosting service and helps you answer a large number of requests in the shortest time possible.
ArvanCloud MySQL database is the best option for managing, processing, and maintaining educational content, forms and tests, payment processes, and virtual education data in Learning Management System services.
Data Integrity
The powerful infrastructure of managed database helps you integrate the data that is extracted from various resources and analyze it based on your needs.
By Business Model
Whether you are a B2B or B2C SaaS provider, MySQL Cloud Database offers you a secure platform for gathering and analyzing data.
B2C Apps
In the expanding market of B2B SaaS applications, your competitive edge will depend on your efficiency and accessibility. You can experience the highest accessibility of your product by adding the feature of Standby Node.
Personal and small businesses that use SaaS to reduce their costs can save more money by using the powerful and all-in-one database of ArvanCloud.
ArvanCloud Database is suitable for B2C web and mobile apps that require high availability, throughput, and storage. You can easily install your software on Cloud Server and link it to the MySQL database. It is a secure solution for managing heavy traffic, complex clustering, and bulk data.

Cloud Database Pricing

With the PAYG policy (pay as you go), ArvanCloud DBaaS is the optimal solution for reducing the expenses of data maintenance and management.

Security and Power in Data Management

How to Create

Create a Cloud Database in a Flash!

What you need to create a Cloud Database from scratch is only a few clicks and 5 minutes of your time.
Getting Started
Select a data center
Specify the engine or database type
Select engine database version
Allocating Resources
Select the number of vCPUs
Select total RAM
Specify disk size
High Availability Feature
Activate HA for higher uptime
Specify the number of Standby Nodes
Create database
Take provisioning steps
Create database address
Create a username and password
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A Cloud Solution for Data Management

By entrusting us with the management, deployment, backup, and updating of your databases, you can concentrate on creating efficient services and securing a prosperous future for your business.