Fast Streaming with ArvanCloud Video Platform

ArvanCloud offers a secure platform for Video on Demand, Live Streaming, and Audio on Demand. You can deliver the highest possible quality broadcast to users without worrying about bandwidth limits.
blur Fast Streaming with ArvanCloud Video Platform
Smart Adaptability
Smart Adaptability
With Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, users can receive the highest possible quality matching their internet speed.
High Traffic Support
High Traffic Support
Stream your video content without the slightest disruption despite high traffic and a large number of viewers.
Accurate Reporting
Accurate Reporting
With reporting options, see the number of viewers, watch time, and the traffic as a whole or based on separate videos.
Access Management
Access Management
With Secure Link and restricting unauthorized downloads, control the users’ access to your video and audio content.
Use Cases
Educational Platforms
You can place your educational videos on our video hosting platform, and make the most of live streaming, online chat services, and high-quality.
Video Streaming Platforms
Enjoy features such as CDN integration, using the latest codecs for streaming, replaying and customizing videos, cutting infrastructure costs, and a lot more.
News and Sports Sites
If as an owner of a news and sports website, you're looking for a quick solution, ArvanCloud Video Platform can help you with the following features.
Video Platform Prices
ArvanCloud provides affordable packages and you can choose your plan based on different factors. It is a great chance to share your video content with your users for a reasonable price.
Special Features
Experience High-quality Streaming
Live Streaming
Audio on Demand
Web Player
Video Advertisement
ArvanCloud’s platform helps you broadcast your live streaming to numerous users taking into account their connection and bandwidth. It offers you the lowest latency and highest quality.
Archive and Catchup
Saving live streaming content as a file and recording it for a specific period
Ads Streaming
Adding ads and commercials from other businesses during live streaming
Time Machine
Going back in time while watching live streaming and replaying videos
Learn More Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Along with video content, you can also stream your raw audio files in different formats or qualities on this platform. Using the AoD service, you can easily make your audio content heard by millions of users.
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Playing the best audio quality based on the user's internet connection
Secure Link
Restricting users’ access to audio content based on their IPs
Show Subtitles
Adding subtitles to audio files with the help of AoD service
Audio on Demand
The web Player of ArvanCloud is a free and versatile tool. Using this player, you can watch and listen to high-quality videos and audio in your desired aspect ratios and in browsers of your choice.
Browser Compatibility
Supporting different versions of browsers and devices of all sizes
Video Platform Compatibility
Allowing to use all video hosting and live streaming features in the player
Setting the color and the language, muting or unmuting videos on start
Learn More Web Player
Web Player
Content owners or VoD websites can display their video ads at the beginning of the video or as subtitles during streaming. This has always been a smart and easy way to make more money with video platforms.
Ads Customization
Creating campaigns, adjusting them based on broadcast priority or devices
Integrated with Ads Agencies
Activating videos from advertisement agencies on video streaming platform
Accurate Reports
Reporting the number of clicks, visits, and watch time-based on user's device
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Video Advertisement
A Clear Vision with In-Depth Reports
By using any of our services, you can get accurate reports of watch time, number of views, traffic, etc. You can also filter reports based on parameters such as the user's device, operating system, internet operator, and more.
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50 TB
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A Clear Vision with In-Depth Reports
A Clear Vision with In-Depth Reports
Resources and Documentation
Everything about ArvanCloud Video Platform
A Great Experience of Streaming
If you want to deliver your video and audio content to your users at high speed and quality, ArvanCloud Video Platform is the solution for you. It can maintain and publish your multimedia content without the need for complex infrastructures.