Make Money with Videos!

Make Money with Videos!

Manage the ads placed on your videos easil

A Simple but Powerful Platform for Higher Income

Content creators or video hosting websites can simply place ads at the beginning, the end, or in the middle of videos. They can also choose to display ads as subtitles while videos are playing.

Showing the Most Popular and Suitable Ads to Users

You can benefit from higher income through different features of starting a campaign, limiting display rates, number of clicks or skipped ads, and any created events.

Simple but Profitable

Create a campaign from various ads

Define the ads of the companies you have attracted. For example, ads for a bank, a mobile phone carrier, and an online taxi service are defined.

Define restrictions for each advertisement

Determine the limitations of display based on your contract. For instance, the bank ads require 20,000 clicks, the carrier one needs 500,000 and the last one must not be skipped at least 2000 times.

Define the Audience Features of Each Ad

You can choose which ads are played for a certain audience group. To illustrate, the bank commercial is shown to users from Europe or North American, the online taxi one targets mobile users, and the carrier service is played for users on Windows.

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Beginning. Middle. The End

Place Your Ads Anywhere During a Video
Simply activate and determine the time in which the ads will be played. No technical knowledge is required.
Subtitle Ads
Adding ads to videos as subtitles
Embedded Links
Transferring to the predetermined website with a click on the video
Adding smart environmental ads
Visual Ads
Adding images of ads while playing the videos

Analytical Reports

Ads displays can become more efficient by analyzing all that happens on the user’s side.
Skip Ads
Reports on users’ number of skipped ads
Click Analysis
Counting the number of people clicking on the ad
Mouse Pointer Analysis
Reports on mouse movement and its most concentrated areas
Viewer Report
Counting the number of users who watched the ads
Geolocation Analysis
Analyzing views based on country, city, and geolocation of the viewers
Total Visit Analysis
Analyzing the total number of played ads
Device Analysis
Recognizing the kinds of devices users utilize to watch videos
Recognizing user’s browser and OS for displaying ads
Analyzing Time
Analyzing the timespan of played ads
Most View Analysis
Analyzing the time in which ads were most viewed