Live Streaming at Your Fingertips

Live Streaming at Your Fingertips

Live Streaming Platform
ArvanCloud Live Streaming Platform provides your users with the highest quality and minimum delay without needing necessary infrastructure.

Uninterrupted Streaming Anywhere

Integrating our Video Platform and CDN services allows easy access to your videos from the nearest geolocation of anyone visiting your website. Therefore, every user will watch your content at the highest possible speed without interruptions.

Streaming the Best Quality in Any Internet Quality

Your raw content can be converted to various formats and qualities automatically. When videos are played, the internet speed and bandwidth are continuously considered to present the most suitable quality to users.

arvan video browser vod-compatibility

Compatibility with All Devices and Browsers

Videos are compatible with all browsers and devices, including laptops, mobiles, tablets, and smart TVs.

Never Miss Another Second with Time Machine Feature

ArvanCloud caters to continuous and uninterrupted live streaming experience worldwide while also allowing viewers, to watch the previous minutes of a live stream through the Time Machine Feature.

arvan time machine

More than 100,000 people use ArvanCloud daily to watch Live Streams.

Compare ArvanCloud with Other Providers of Video Platform Services

CDN Integration

Noticeable content loading speed and unlimited streaming capacity

Adaptable Streaming
Uninterrupted streaming according to Internet speed and bandwidth
Free Web Player
Free and Compatible web player supported by all of the platform features
Smart Converting
Smart Conversion of videos to different outputs according to their parameter analysis
Secure Link
Control and limit of accessing specific videos
Geographical Restriction
Exercising restrictions based on the geolocation of users
Private Domain
Broadcasting converted videos through your private domain
Time Machine
Watching previous minutes of live streams

Watch Broadcasts with Any Internet Speed

ArvanCloud broadcasts uninterrupted and continuous videos that match your internet quality.

Minimum Delay in Users’ Simultaneous Live Streaming

Input streams can reach users with the least possible delay and the delivered content will be the same for all users.