Watch the World from Anywhere Using ArvanCloud Player

ArvanCloud video and audio player supports various formats. Users can listen to audio across multiple devices and watch videos in the aspect ratio of their choice and according to different browser settings.
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Benefits of Using ArvanCloud Player

Browser Compatibility
ArvanCloud video and audio player is compatible with almost all of the browser versions in different operating systems.
Responsive Design
The videos are compatible to be played on various devices with different screen sizes.
Multilingual Display
Notifications and buttons can be translated to your preferred language.
Compatible with Video Platform
ArvanCloud video and audio player is compatible with our Video Platform and Live Stream services.
Display Ads
ArvanCloud video player allows for displaying Pre-Roll ads according to VAST standards.
Improvised for Smartphones
ArvanCloud video player is compatible with smartphones and other touch screen devices.

Both Video and Audio

Our player is entirely compatible with our two services of Live Stream and Video Platform.

Both Manual and Smart

Video quality can be changed automatically (according to internet speed) or manually.

Personalized and Flexible

Language, color, and on/off mute video playback are customizable to users’ preferences and needs.

Publish Videos in Our Unlimited Player

ArvanCloud player provides a comprehensive solution integrated with the video platform, live streaming, and Video Ads services so that you can earn money from your online content.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are ArvanCloud Video and Audio Player free of charge?

Yes. It is free, and it will continue to be free in the future.

What determines video quality in automatic mode?

It is mainly decided according to your internet speed, but bandwidth is also another factor considered.

What does improvised player for smartphones mean?

ArvanCloud player has enabled features exclusive to touch screen devices such as double-tap. When you double-tap a video, it will skip time forward or backward.

What aspect ratios are supported by ArvanCloud Player?

A wide ranging aspect ratio, including 1:1, 3:2, 3:4, 4:5, 9:16, 16:9, 16:10, 21:9, and 256:135 are supported.

What are some other features of ArvanCloud Player?

Other features include shortcuts. You can press K or Space to Pause or Play a video. You can press F to enter or exit the full-screen mode. Press M and you can mute or unmute the video. Pressing I helps you watch the video in a small player in a different layer.