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What is Cloud Migration?

It refers to designing technical and specialized integration of cloud solutions to migrate to as infrastructure. Cloud services exclusive features, including constant access to unlimited resources, improving the qualities of provided services, increased speed, information security, and economical prices, have attracted the attention of many businesses to migrate to this platform.
Our team of experts at ArvanCloud, with a long history of working with big and small businesses, help you make a smooth transition to this secure and stable platform.
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Benefits of Cloud Migration

After migrating to cloud infrastructure, you can simultaneously cater to millions of users, access a multi-layered security architecture, have a stable and distributed design, and benefit from integrated infrastructural computing, storage, and streaming services.
Cost-effective Expenses
Cut down on the expenses since you don’t need to supply and maintain infrastructural resources
Increase your required resources in traffic peaks by a few clicks
Continuous Access
Be available from anywhere and at any time through migrating to a cloud infrastructure.
High Speed
CDN increases the security of speed of your content delivery
Data Security
In the case of a down server, your data will be transferred to another one in the cloud infrastructure.
Improved Service Quality
The quality of your services improves through cloud products.

Benefits of ArvanCloud Migration

Migrating to ArvanCloud infrastructure helps you take advantage of our integrated products and services.
Using ArvanCloud Integrated Infrastructure
Working with the Best Cloud Experts in the Field
Increased Security by Multi-layered Security Architecture
Access to a Stable and Distributed Cloud Design

Examples of ArvanCloud Migration Projects

Online users and business owners face numerous technical complications when migrating to a cloud infrastructure. ArvanCloud’s experts help facilitate this process so that users can experience ease and convenience.
Installing and integrating various services, including monitoring, log management, etc.
Employment of security measures for protection against DDoS attacks
Improving CDN service usage
Designing and executing container-based services
Designing scalable services compatible with cloud architecture
Installation, run, and configuration of servers and data centers
Allocation of cloud storage and executing storage solutions
Design and execution of streaming and video content solutions
Transference of services/ websites of big and small businesses
Installation and implementation of management services such as cPanel-DirectAdmin
Allocation of Cloud Storage and Data Upload

Migration Steps

Contact Us
Phone Consultation Session and Project Scale Determination
Small Businesses
Sign Up on ArvanCloud Website
Create an Instance
Choosing the required Cloud Services
Data Transfer
Contact Us
You can contact us either through our Email address or fill the form below to submit a request. It is necessary to provide a phone number for further contact and consult sessions.
Phone Consultation
After request submission, our colleagues at the ArvanCloud migration team will contact you to introduce your expert consultant and inform you of the process and details of the projects.
ArvanCloud Account
After the required resources of your project are determined through a phone consultation session, the first step in migrating your business is creating an account on the ArvanCloud website.
Create an Instance
In the next step, you need to create an instance. If you do not already have an instance on ArvanCloud, click on create a new instance and determine your resource through the help of our migration experts. The instances are the Virtual Machines or Cloud Servers of your business.
Using other Cloud Services
Once you have created your instance in the ArvanCloud user panel, you can add any other services to your infrastructure, such as CDN, Cloud Security, PaaS, etc. Our experts will help you during this process.
Data Transfer
After creating an instance, the final step is determining the necessary configurations for transferring data from the previous physical server or from backups.
Technical Session
Our technical sessions are carried out through Google Meet with the presence of our technical migration team so that we can accurately and comprehensively understand your project and analyze the required resources.
Architectural Design
Based on the results obtained from the technical session, we would design an integrated architecture for your business.
Sending the Proposal
A proposal containing the configured architecture, required cloud resources, estimated project time, costs, support plans, and other information is provided for you after the technical session.
Executing the Project
When the proposal is accepted, a group including you and the ArvanCloud technical team is created on one of the messengers to update the project progress instantly.
After concluding the project and transferring all accessibilities, if you do not need support, you have up to 48 hours to test the final result, after which you are removed from the group chat. However, if you still need support, the group will remain to support your project according to your support plan.
Medium and Big Businesses
Technical Session
Architectural Design
Sending the Proposal
Executing the Project
Support When Needed
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