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Infrastructural Needs of Organizations and Enterprises
Enterprises and organizations allocate a substantial amount of their budgets to IT infrastructural requirements. Since these organizations are enormous in size, they sometimes require an infrastructure as extensive as a data center. Expenses of design, purchase and maintenance as well as repairs and development of such infrastructures go beyond merely financial and include technicians and technical experts. On the other hand, the used facilities age with time, leading to wastage of financial resources.
In order to compensate for the loss of human force, software and finances, many enterprises have given up on developing and maintaining their own infrastructures. They have turned to cloud services such as PaaS, IaaS and SaaS. In this way, they have substantially reduced their resource management costs.
Enterprise cloud solutions increase power and speed to the infrastructure and increase its flexibility for developing various projects and enterprise goals. Having a third-party company taking care of the infrastructural concerns, the human capital of these organizations can focus their attention on the progress of their enterprises.
Features of ArvanCloud Enterprise Solution
ArvanCloud aims to cover all enterprise needs through designing a scalable and extensive solution. This solution is suitable for organizations seeking to outsource all or part of their IT infrastructure. Other organizations working in different fields can also benefit from our solution to install their infrastructure on whatever scale they need.
Information security and flexibility are two of the main requirements for enterprises. Features including protection against DDoS attacks, firewall, WAF and scalability provide for the needs of such organizations. Furthermore, since enterprise services need 24/7 accessibility, features such as High Availability architecture allow for the highest possible Uptime for the companies.
ArvanCloud is transparent in pricing its products and services and provides real-time management of the prices for better enterprise financial management. Resources. Instantaneous changes in resources, also cyber-attacks effectively prevent any wastage of cloud resources
ArvanCloud’s integrated enterprise solution includes infrastructural services consisting of cloud computing server, object storage, video and audio platform and makes their management simple and fast.
Integration of Products and Services in Multiple Infrastructural Levels
High Flexibility and Scalability
High Availability Architecture Employment
Unlimited Increase of Data Center Resources
ArvanCloud’s Comprehensive Enterprise Solution
ArvanCloud aims to provide for all infrastructural needs of enterprises. The solutions address different aspects of IT infrastructure in these companies and employ a cloud architecture which is applicable to the various layers and on different scales.
Using our Cloud Servers which are located in different data centers around the world, the costs of development, maintenance and wastage of resources are minimized. Since the data centers use the latest technologies, organizations will always have access to updated features and high quality of service. In addition, considering the high volumes of information and documents in such organizations, the ArvanCloud Object Storage service provides unlimited storage space for archiving information and taking backups.
Cloud Server
WAF and Firewall
Protection Against DDoS Attacks
Object Storage
Specialized Support
Cloud Server
ArvanCloud can address the extensive needs of big companies with its powerful and updated facilities; therefore, it can be a suitable substitute for an organization’s internal data centers. These servers allow simple and easy employment of technical scenarios such as Redundancy and Load Balancing. Furthermore, other than the high speed and security of our cloud servers, scalability provides for instant change in hardware at any given time.
ArvanCloud CDN service helps enterprises experience higher speed. Features such as caching static and dynamic content and smart routing allow for a more secure and faster connection for your users from anywhere in the world.
WAF and Firewall
Website security is essential in large-scale companies. Destructive bot attacks, suspicious traffic from IPs and geolocations are the most common problems with websites. After the initial configurations of firewall and WAF, ArvanCloud will automatically protect your website against such attacks.
Protection Against DDoS Attacks
ArvanCloud will protect your website from the most common cyber attacks through various levels of protection.
Object Storage
Storing backups for enterprise files is necessary for any large-scale company. Considering the high volume of data and their variables, ArvanCloud Object Storage offers unlimited storage space through Pay As You Go method.
Specialized Support
ArvanCloud customers can get help from our support team. The provided support includes technical documents, text and video guides for products, responding to tickets and calls in different levels and qualities. Our experts are available to help you through your technical problems through our specialized support.
Address Your Enterprise’s Infrastructural Needs with ArvanCloud Enterprise Solution.
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