• 25 June 2024

When you are using cPanel to manage your website’s main server, the information on WHM will be extremely important for you. Losing this data and settings can cause serious challenges for any website, and backing up these data becomes one of the most important tasks of a website administrator or owner.

Using ArvanCloud’s Object Storage, you will be able to back up and store data from cPanel & WHM automatically, not having to worry about storage space. By doing this and introducing ArvanCloud as a storage space for backup files, there will be no need to use hosting spaces or traditional storage space and you will enjoy the benefits of secure, fast, and unlimited storage space for cPanel backup files.

We will discuss how to prepare a backup file of cPanel& WHM and store it in ArvanCloud in this guide.

How To Back Up cPanel & WHM and Store It in ArvanCloud?

There is no need to use any software or plugins to back up your cPanel & WHM data. For this purpose, you should first go to your User Panel and then to the Backup Configuration section followed by the Additional Destinations section. Once you have selected Amazon S3 (S3 compatible in some versions) and clicked on the Create New Destination option, you will proceed to the next step.

You will need to enter information about your bucket in this section. You can find this information in the Object Storage section of the ArvanCloud User Panel. When you have entered the secret key, access key, and endpoint, and have selected the timeout period, by clicking the Save Destination and Validate option, you will save the settings and cPanel & WHM will verify them.

By doing this and applying the settings, you will be able to easily and automatically back up your cPanel data into the ArvanCloud Object Storage allowing you to restore them whenever you need to.