• 14 July 2024

Due to the risk of losing data placed on the operating system and the lack of backup, it is essential to make a backup copy of the files and data you have on your system. There are various tools for backup information on systems and servers, and Veeam Backup, TNTDrive, and CloudBerry Backup are among the most widely used tools.

CloudBerry Backup tool is one of the most popular software for making a backup copy of the files placed on the operating system. CloudBerry Backup, a product of MSP360 company, provides you with many features, such as the possibility of storage on the cloud. In this way, you can quickly and automatically back up the data on your system or server and save it on ArvanCloud Object Storage, which provides you with unlimited space to restore it if needed.

CloudBerry Backup also offers versions for Mac and Linux operating systems. This guide discusses how to set up and launch the Windows version of this software.

Installing and Setting up the Windows Version of CloudBerry Backup

First, download the Windows version of this software from the CloudBerry Backup section of the MSP360 website. Next, copy and save the code given during download and activation. This code will be required during setup and to activate the free version.

Then, install this software like any other Windows software and finally run CloudBerry Backup. In the next step, specify your consumption type. The Home Version of this software is currently free, and you can use the Commercial version, which requires payment, free for 15 days through the code you copied in the previous steps.

There are various options on the main page of CloudBerry Backup, such as backup to the cloud or local storage, backup Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, and backup files. For example, to save a backup on ArvanCloud Object Storage, we select the Local to Cloud option from the Home tab to go through the Wizard steps.

In this step, we click on the Add New Storage Account option.

Then, among the available options, we select S3 Compatible.

On the next page, enter the details of the bucket where you want the backup files to be stored. This information with the names of Access Key, Secret Key, and Endpoint URL is available to you through the cloud space section of the ArvanCloud user panel.

In the following steps, set the backup method and the files and drives to be backed up. In this step, make settings related to automatic backup and more detailed settings related to files.

In this step, the settings related to Encryption are located. We suggest you encrypt your files with this tool to keep them safe.

Next, by making various settings for better personalization of backup, by clicking on the Finish option, your pre-programmed backup will be accessible from the main menu of CloudBerry Backup.