• 25 June 2024

If you use the Windows operating system, you can access your files in ArvanCloud Object Storage and quickly move them between the operating system and the Object Storage with the help of various tools such as Tntdrive and CloudBerry Explorer. CloudBerry Explorer is one of the best tools for managing objects in Windows, which provides the user with features such as simultaneous access to multiple user accounts, encryption, and uploading with resume ability.

This guide discusses how to use CloudBerry Explorer to manage files in ArvanCloud’s storage.

Installing and Setting up CloudBerry Explorer

You must first download the CloudBerry Explorer software from the MSP360 website to get started. After going through the usual steps of installing Windows software, this tool will be installed on your operating system. After installing and opening CloudBerry Explorer, select the S3 Compatible option in the opened window.

Next, enter your bucket information, which includes Endpoint, Access Key, and Secret Key, in the specified sections. This information is available through the Object Storage section of the ArvanCloud user panel.

By clicking on the Test Connection option, you can check your settings and make sure they are correct, and clicking OK will save the settings. The signature Version should be set to version 4.

Working with CloudBerry Explorer

After launching the software and connecting it to ArvanCloud, you can transfer your files to Object Storage through the options on the main page.

Also, various features, such as receiving direct links to files located on the cloud through the Web URL option and creating rules to manage uploads through the Upload Rules option, will be available on this page.