• 14 July 2024

S3Browser is a handy tool for using Object Storage. Using this Windows tool, you can easily manage files the cloud storage. This technical guide discusses utilizing this program to manage ArvanCloud Object Storage.

How to Use ArvanCloud Object Storage in Windows with S3Browser

To get started, you need to download and install the S3Browser software. After installing this program, do its initial settings to use it. For this purpose, run S3Browser and select Add New Account from the Accounts section. A page similar to the one below will be displayed for you.

Enter a name for your account and select S3 Compatible Storage in the Account Type field. Next, enter the information related to the Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, and REST Endpoint sections using your ArvanCloud user panel information. In the end, click on the Advanced S3-compatible Storage Settings option, and on the opened page, change Signature Version to Signature V4.

Then click on Close and finally on the Save Changes button.

After making these settings, you can easily manage the buckets and upload or download your files using S3Browser.